TTCT Exam Info

TTCT Exam Info

The TTCT course for 2019, Director Martin Power, will take place from Sunday October 27 – Saturday November 2 at An Chultúrlann and applications are presently being accepted at Head-Office for applicants specialising in fiddle, flute, whistle, concertina, button accordion, harp, uilleann pipes and banjo. The closing date for application is August 16 and all eligible applicants will be requested to attend for audition and interview on August 31. Alternate provision for audition and interview is made in exceptional cases and overseas applicants are facilitated appropriately.

The following applicant requirements have been specified by the TTCT: Traditional musicians of the highest calibre and those with attested skills as teachers with a minimum of 100 hours of teaching experience (from beginners to advanced levels) are accepted for entry. The teaching experience can include hours of mentored and supported teaching at Branch level and all other relevant formal and informal teaching contexts. Applicants must be 20 years of age or over at the time of taking the course. Queries in relation to eligibility are forwarded to the Director of the TTCT for consideration.

Each candidate who wishes to be selected for the course must perform a 20/25 minute programme of Traditional Irish Music. A competent standard of technique with an individual, musical and stylistic interpretation is expected. The choice of programme must be well balanced and must display a diversity of musical skills and technical abilities. Presentation will also be taken into consideration. In addition, there must be an obvious appreciation of the style and musicality, plus considerable ability to project and communicate to the listener. An assessment of the applicant’s suitability as a teacher is made by means of a personal interview with members of the tutorial staff. Matters related to their background, teaching experience, teaching methods, experience as a performer, personal suitability, etc. are explored.

Amongst the subject areas included in this intensive course are: Irish traditional music and traditional music education and pedagogy, instrument methodology, musical literacy and analysis, accompaniment, general preparation, the SCT as a teaching / learning framework and slow airs as part of the traditional repository.

The course includes practical teaching practice sessions, which are monitored. The ratio of assessors / tutors to candidate allows for very significant levels of support. The course has been specifically designed to equip teachers of Irish traditional music to teach more effectively in a wide variety of formal and informal community settings.

TTCT Candidates are also advised on best practice in relation to CCÉ child protection guidelines by Tomás Ó’ Maoldomhnaigh, Ardrúnaí CCÉ, and all candidates are facilitated re CCÉ vetting.

The TTCT 2019 will also include a new module designed to equip candidates with the necessary skills to work in conjunction with local CCÉ Branch Committees in the planning, preparing and organisation involved in the various educational activities and initiatives and performances undertaken at local level. This will include e.g. developing appropriate ‘branch core repertoire’ across the different instruments and age groups, performance repertoire for different occasions etc.

Applicants are required to have teaching experience at the time of applying and CCÉ units are asked to facilitate prospective applicants in terms of acquiring such experience, as is feasible; e.g. in a monitored environment or assistant role as is appropriate. Branches are also asked to consider various means of supporting applicants from their branches, understanding that TTCT graduates will add to the resources of the branch having benefitted from the further development of knowledge, insights and skills offers by the TTCT.

The course is highly subscribed and applications are received from candidates both nationally and internationally. Places are allocated on the basis of date of application and the audition / interview process and to this effect we are encouraging interested parties to start their application process as soon as possible.

CCÉ Provincial Councils, County Boards and Branches and CCÉ Regional centres are asked to inform their units of the details of the TTCT 2019 course as outlined above, and distribute the TTCT 2019 flyer, application form, and this course content document as appropriate.

The Course Fee for 2019 remains at €650 and includes all tuition, accommodation and meals provision for the week.

All further enquiries should be directed to (01) 2800295 Cultúrlann na hÉireann,

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You can download the TTCT application form from our website. Please send the completed application form to:

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann
32 Belgrave Square
Co. Dublin

or email