Cairde Comhaltas Uladh - Unity - It starts with YOU!

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is success

What are people saying about CCÉ...

“While the Celtic Tiger years brought a transient prosperity to some, its defication of material wealth was not always conducive to sustaining the creative, imaginative and spiritual values that encourage an appreciation of culture and its essential place in society… It is truly inspiring that from small beginnings came the founding of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann and the successful revival of our wonderful musical tradition. It is also inspiring that our young people have been at the heart of this cultural renaissance.” – President Michael D. Higgins

“Since its foundation in 1951, Comhaltas has a proud record in community relations both at home and abroad. It has promoted goodwill and co-operation. On the international scene CCÉ has promoted its cultural programme through its branches in fifteen countries on all continents. Ulster CCÉ & its meithal of volunteers invite all people & organisations to join them in realising the full potential of their collective mission & creative journey. Dún Uladh is a tangible expression of achievement & laudable aspirations.” – Dr. Labhrás Ó Murchú, Ard-Stiúrthóir

Comhaltas could not survive without volunteers in all the work they do for the community. The volunteers work week in, week out with their branches and work hard to promote music, song and dance and without that dedication we would not survive.” – Eamon Graham, Ulster Cathaoirleach

What is Cairde Comhaltas Uladh?

Cairde Comhaltas Uladh is the latest fundraising effort by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCÉ) Uladh to develop CCÉ & its branches across Ulster.

How does it work?

Members agree to subscribe to a montly direct debit of £10 per month, equating to £120 per year. Alternatively, members can make a once yearly payment of £120 to the scheme.

Where does the money go?

Initiatives like developing branches, their volunteer committees and teachers through training and support, youth engagement programmes, branding, online presence support and resources. In short, developing our volunteers, musicians and teachers. Our people, your branches…

What do I get for donating?

From a tangible point of view, nothing. The reason for donating is purely benevolent. The reason for donating is that you agree with what we are doing in Ulster CCÉ and the importance of preserving & promoting our culture. Perhaps you agree with what we are doing as an organisation but don’t have the time to volunteer in our efforts. This could be your way of supporting our organisation. Cairde CCÉ Uladh is a way of giving back to your province.

What do we do here?

We stand on the shoulders of people who gave so much to get CCÉ where it is today, our culture wouldn’t be here without our volunteers giving time & money. In todays’ society, people cannot always give of their time but they still want to support our work.

I'm already a CCÉ member. Is that not enough?

Cairde CCÉ Uladh is not a replacement for your branch membership. It is in addition to the membership. The membership funds the running of your local branch in events, music classes etc. Cairde CCÉ Uladh is to be used completely for the development of Ulster CCÉ moving forward & expanding.

Is now a bad time to be asking for more?

It is always a bad time to ask for more. If we stopped raising funds because of the economic state, then we would have never started. This £10 per month is not even the equivalent of a newspaper a day or a few cups of tea. We do accept that many people have very little excess cash & that is why we put no pressure upon anyone to join. Cairde CCÉ Uladh will not be for everyone, & that we understand.

Ulster CCÉ Mission statement


The traditional arts should be an enriching part of the lives of Irish people everywhere, particularly our young people; they should be a living, highly visible and vibrant part of society; they should be easily accessibly to all; and their unique social, cultural & economic benefits should be fully realised by communities & individuals throughout the country & in Irish communities abroad.”


CCÉ was founded in 1951 with the objective of keeping our unique arts traditions in all forms alive and returning them to a prominent position in Irish life…As a result of the pioneering work of Comhaltas, public interest in our ancient arts was rekindled and that torch, once lit, has burned with increasing intensity over the last 7 decades.


Ulster CCÉ believe in helping, assisting & co-operating with any individual, group or organisation working for the promotion of Irish culture & language to ensure that everyone benefits from the social, economic & educational benefits associated with this.

Ulster CCÉ Mission statement

Our mission for Comhaltas in Ulster;

“To lead the implementation of an An Ré Nua across Ulster creating the conditions for volunteer and local groups to be effective in passing on and developing our traditional cultural assets through support, education, advice, enhancing spaces & attracting resources.”

Across the next few years, we plan to redevelop our five year strategy to grow as an organisation, opening doors for new opportunities.

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